Market Access

We realize that many of our member farmers and ranchers are being affected by the COVID-19 situation and the scaling back of purchasing local produce and products of retail markets such as, farmers’ markets, restaurants, hotels, roadside stands, the Farm to School Program, and agri-tourism operations. Now more than ever, Hawaii needs our farms and ranches to stay in business and to continue to feed communities — our communities need the food that we produce.

We are actively working to identify markets for our members who have been impacted by the COVID-19 situation. If you have fresh produce and products that you were unable to sell due to the closing of a farmers’ market, restaurant or another retail market, please fill out the form below.  We will be utilizing your information to connect you to available retail markets

  • Hawaii Department of Public Safety – If you have fresh produce that you were unable to sell due to the closing of a farmers’ market, restaurant or another retail market, the Hawaii Prison System may be able to purchase your inventory.
  • Farm Link Hawaii – Farm Link is an online local food marketplace and delivery network based on O‘ahu. Over 100 chefs, grocery buyers, caterers, food artisans, and individuals already trust Farm Link for farm-direct local food. Contact Farm Link Hawaii at (808) 201-5252 or email
  • Hawaii Foodbank – Hawaii Foodbank is a nonprofit agency in the state of Hawaii that collects, warehouses and distributes mass quantities of both perishable and nonperishable food through approximately 200 charitable agencies on Oahu and Kauai. Hawaii Foodbank serves Oahu and Kauai directly, and we partner with The Food Basket to serve Hawaii County and Maui Food Bank to serve Maui County. Contact Hawaii Foodbank (808) 836-3600 or email
  • Aloha Harvest – Aloha Harvest is one of approximately 50 recognized food rescue nonprofit organizations across the nation. Contact Aloha Harvest at (808) 537-6945 or email
  • Farmers’ Markets– While some farmers’ markets are closed, there is still an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to sell directly to consumers. Contact (808) 848-2074 or apply at
  • Foodland – Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated grocery retailer is committed to supporting our local farmers, ranchers, and communities. Contact Foodland at (808) 732-0791.

Other available markets:

Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau – Try Eat Hawaii

Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau is helping connect agricultural producers with consumers through a new online service called Try Eat Hawai‘i. Farmers, ranchers, and value-added food producers on Kaua‘i interested in listing product offerings on the website are asked to complete a registration form on

Maui County Farm Bureau – Farm Product Purchase Program

The Maui County Farm Bureau (MCFB) and the County of Maui have partnered in a program to help farmers during this difficult time.

The Farm Product Purchase Program is designed for local commercial farmers growing produce. Meat, value-added products, flowers and nursery products are not eligible.

As part of this program, MCFB will receive $20,000 per week to buy food from local farmers. The food will go to food distribution sites around the county.

The program will last four to five weeks, but the online ordering system will continue even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants do not need to be a member of the farm bureau.

Please click here for an application. All applications must be submitted via email to by April 12th.

Hawaii Island – “BRIDGES” Program

“BRIDGES” will maintain local agriculture production by funding the agricultural economy. Focused on cementing Public/Private partnerships to strengthen local agriculture production by purchasing locally grown food & flowers that will then be donated to recognized and approved Community organizations for distribution.

This milestone is a major success in our mission to bridge the gap between the start of this economic crisis and when State and Federal funding may become available.

  • The project funding will be managed by the Hawaii Farm Bureau (HFB) a nonprofit membership group with more than 50 years under their belt supporting and helping Hawaii Farmers Statewide and five Chapters on Hawaii Island.
  • Participants of “BRIDGES” are not required to be members of HFB.
  • We removed red tape utilizing a simple sign-up for ag producers, sign up here!
  • This preserves our local food chain model intact and with as little disruption as possible until we can find our new level of success.

To learn more about the program visit


Hawaii Island – Farm Product Purchase Program

Knowing that our farmers are being hurt by reduced sales and loss of markets during the COVID-19 crisis, the Hawai‘i Farm Bureau (HFB), in partnership with the County of Hawai‘i and generous non-profit entities have developed a program to purchase produce and meats from commercial farmers and livestock producers on Hawai‘i Island for distribution to families in need. The Food Basket and other channels will distribute the products.

Click here for more information and application.